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The path to a healthy mind, body and spirit awaits. Take the first step with us…

 Soham Seeds is a collaboration of the two freelancers Andrea Vosiková und Chelsea Sharp. As our services merge into a holistic approach to health, we decided to birth this collaboration together and are excited to present you our services and products.

We offer transformational retreats and holistic health services that are designed to meet you at your stage of growth. Through using a range of practices and modalities, we create space for you to guide you, to dance with you beneath the stars, to immerse in nature with you and to take you on a journey of exploring your body, mind and spirit.

Our offerings for you


Take a break in the Czech forests and embrace nature at one of our exciting retreats!


Discover the depths of your subconscious mind as you take a journey to yourself through hypnosis.


Relax and unwind in a massage treatment with Chelsea.


This book is designed to guide you and your partner to explore new and exiting ways of connection.

Mindset-Kurs (German only)

This five week course is designed to make you look at new aspects of your life and to approach them with mindfulness.


Roll out your mat and move your body with Chelsea’s guided yoga classes. You can join a live session or watch a pre-recorded class.


Listen to a range of free guided meditations on Insight Timer. Available in German and English.

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