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Dare to take the journey and watch your most valuable relationships transform.
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The Book

As you turn the pages, you will discover deep trust, love and understanding of not only your partner, but also yourself. The seven chapters in this book will move you from physical to energetic connection through a series of fun and unique activities. It is only when you show your authentic self to another that you can truly learn about your own inner landscape. So, step outside of your comfort zone and let this book be your guide as you embrace activities that you may have never done before. 

"This book made us love each other more!"

Nicole & Bryce ~ married for 28 happy years

" After doing these exercises, we found an exciting new level of intimacy in our relationship."

Juli & Tom ~ in a relationship for 1 year

"We thought that we knew each other well. Now we know each other even better."

Franzi & Lisa ~ best friends since 17 years

Take a look inside the book...

With 49 unique activities, this book provides a platform to discover new ways of connecting with your loved ones.

Whether you choose to do an activity with your partner, friend or a family member – fun and insightful conversations are guaranteed!

Keep this book on hand to use regularly and watch your relationships flourish and bloom.

Are you ready for the adventure?

Printed copies in English language available for purchase in Australia.

If you are based in Sydney, find a copy at one of the following local bookstores.

Not in Australia? No problem!
The English E-book version is available for instant download from anywhere in the world.

Would the book look good on your shelves? Please contact Chelsea Sharp via the form below with your store details and she will be in touch soon!