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Imagine yourself in the middle of the forest…

…waking up to the sound of birds, foraging for wild blueberries, finding a secluded lake to take a dip in and basking in the sunshine.

You have just pictured Český Rudolec, a tiny Czech village, where we are inviting you to join us for a summer retreat.

Classes & Workshops

Our morning and evening activity time is made up of a combination of the following experiences:

One-on-One Sessions

In the afternoon you will have the option to choose from a variety of one-on-one treatments. These are designed to help you relax and invite you to explore your optimum well-being.


Andrea will guide you to meet your subconscious thoughts and patterns in a hypnosis session. The deep sense of calm and relaxation that you will experience allows you to tap into unknown parts of yourself. This is benefical for overcoming subconscious patterns or habits.

Relaxation Massage

Allow yourself to completely let go in a full relaxation massage. Chelsea studied both trigger point therapy and intuitive Balinese massage, giving her a combination of techniques to release any tight muscles and invite you to find your place of inner peace. 

Private Yoga

These sessions with Chelsea are adaptable to your own unique body. You can choose whether you wish to work on alignment, creating a personal sequence or working with a body injury. Learn to move in a way that is good for your body!

Energy Healing

A combination of Reiki and intuition Andrea uses energy healing to work on your subtle energetic body. This will help to remove emotional and energetic blocks that may be causing physical symptoms in your body.

Holistic Health Consultation

Chelsea will explore your health history and current symptoms to help you set health goals for your  body. You will walk away with the knowledge and power to make healthy changes in your life!


Andrea will guide you to connect with the meridians of your body. This will allow you to move into a relaxed state so that you can explore the cause of your physical pain or emotional stress.

Card Reading

Whether you want to get some clarity on a current life situation or take a glimpse into your future, let the cards show you the way. In a reading, Chelsea will point out recurring symbols, or colours that are coming up in the cards to give you some insights into what might be going on. 

Take a look…

Thank you both so much for your guidance, the beautiful yoga classes and your calm, peaceful and radiant aura! I also loved spending time with the beautiful group. I felt and still feel blissful.

~ Jana

I am still feeling soooo many beautiful things from the wonderful retreat. It actually released some of my emotional blockages that I knew existed. Since leaving, I have read the words on my Spirit Animal card a few more times and each time it brings tears to my eyes. A thousand thanks again for everything.

~ Lars

I wanted to thank you so much for these inspiring and beautiful days we spent together! It was so heartwarming to have such an open minded and also supporting exchange. I am so looking forward to see you again! I will miss everyone from the retreat!

~ Marina

Dear Chels and Ani, I was fortunate to have met amazing souls like you both. You made the stay so beautiful and comfortable, I felt at home, especially because of your love. I wish what I felt more people get to have the same experience.

~ Kiran


What kind of food do you serve?

Included in the price of the retreat is three vegan meals per day, tea, coffee und afternoon snacks, fruit from the forest and from our small organic garden. All meals are balanced with plant based proteins, carbs and healthy fats to nourish your body. If you have any specific allergies or intolerances, please let us know upon booking and we will do our best to cater for you!

What sort of accomodation is included?

The accommodation is shared twin rooms. If you are coming with your partner we can organise a double bed. If you would like a private room we can try to accommodate your needs depending on how many people are booked in. If you want a nature experience you can also bring your own tent and camp out under the stars. If you do have a request – please tell us upon booking so that we can be prepared for your arrival.

How do I get there? When is arrival and departure?

The retreat is located in Radikov, Český Rudolec, Czech Republic. It is a small, quiet town, surrounded by the forest. You can come by car, bus or train. If you do take public transport we will organise to pick you up from the neighbouring town Dačice. You can arrive any time after midday and departure will be after breakfast on the final day. We can also help you arrange travel to and from the retreat, making your experience stress free.

Are retreats suitable for everyone?

Whether you decide to come for relaxation, transformation or to cultivate some new inspiration and energy, we have you covered! Whether you are a beginner or practiced yogi, the classes will be suitable to all abilities.

Before arrival, we also take the time to get to know you over a phone call to hear your expectations and create a schedule that is right for you and your group.

What will I gain from this retreat?

This retreat is guaranteed to provide a relaxing space for your mind and body. The combination of healthy food, movement, nature and a break from the busy world will nourish and energize your soul. You should be prepared to switch off, tune into nature and let curiosity be your guide.

What is the cost of the retreat?

The retreat cost is 80 per full day + 40 for arrival and departure day.

We aim to keep the costs as low as possible so that our retreats can be accessible to everyone. In saying this, we also gladly welcome any extra donations that your heart feels like giving. At the same time, do not let the pricing keep you from booking – reach out to us if you cannot afford these expenses and we will find a way.

80€ is a deposit to be paid upon booking. The remaining amount is to be paid 2 weeks before your arrival day.

In the price there is included 2 private sessions of your choice. Any extra sessions will be gladly given (time-permitting) with a donation exchange.

How much free time will I have?

You can choose how much you wish to partake in the retreat program. Allowing you to choose how much free time you want to have. Every afternoon of retreat days is treatment time, and if you are not scheduled for a private treatment, this is when you will have some time to explore the near by lakes and forest paths, or to read a book in the hammock!

How many people will be on the retreat?

Our retreats are for small groups of four to six people, allowing personal connection between guests. You can book to come with a group of friends or family members, or you can join one of our pre-set dates to meet other like-minded retreat goers.

What do I need to bring?

You can download our full packing list here: What to bring on Retreat

What is the weather like in Ceský Rudolec?

Český Rudolec starts to warm up in May, with longer days and stronger sunshine, the weather is pleasant of a day and cool of an evening. During June –August, the summer days are hot enough for a dip in the cool lake and the evenings are pleasant. After August the evenings start to become a little cooler, so warm jackets are recommended for the outdoor fire place of an evening.

Is there reception and internet at the retreat?

There is limited mobile reception in the retreat. We do have wifi, but access is also limited as we encourage you to leave your devices at home, switch off your mobile and enjoy a digital detox for the length of your stay. Of course, if necessary, we can connect you to the wifi. We recommend you telling your close friends and family that you will be taking a digital detox for a few days, and in an emergency they can contact us and we will pass the messages on.

What is the cancellation policy?

If the retreat space or your travel restrictions are impacted by covid, then we will refund you the whole amount. If you can not make it due to personal reasons, we will refund your deposit up to 30 days before the retreat. If it falls within the 30 day period, then we will transfer your deposit to another booking of your choice.

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